BBs feeding troubleshooting

Dear Clients, 

The mission of our company is - and always has been - to deliver the best airsoft experiences for you, the players. This is reflected in our motto: #yourwayofairsoft, where we aim to provide you with products that allow you to enjoy airsoft in the way you choose every time. Therefore, feedback from the market is very important to us because it allows us to continuously improve our products. 


Unfortunately, we have recently received feedback from the community about an issue with the tappet plate that may occur in series: SA-E, SA-C, and SA-F of airsoft guns purchased since the beginning of 2024. This may result in the fact that airsoft gun doesn’t feed all or some of the BBs in the magazines included with them. Despite our QC efforts, we were unable to detect this problem – hence, there may currently be replicas on the market that have issues with feeding BBs.

To fix this problem, we have taken the following actions:


Improved QC

We have changed our QC procedures so that a similar situation does not occur in the future. We are always learning and striving to change and improve where it is necessary. 


Three solutions - choose the best one for you

For customers who may have issues with their equipment, we have prepared the following solutions to restore full functionality to the airsoft guns: 

Out of concern for your convenience, we have prepared repair kits that allow you to quickly and efficiently fix this problem at home. All you need is one Allen wrench and a few minutes to get your airsoft gun working fully again. Look for repair kits at our distributors and dealers


Watch a detailed video instruction that will show you step by step how to restore proper functioning to your replica with the help of a repair kit.

If you prefer that the service takes care of repairing your replica, please contact your dealer and express your desire for repair.
They already have the necessary knowledge and tools to deal with the problem. 

Remember that you can return the product if it does not meet your expectations. Check the details with your dealer.

Thank you for your understanding and trust!