Introducing the latest airsoft submachine gun from Specna Arms, crafted to meet the desires of every player. Perfect for both newcomers and seasoned airsoft enthusiasts, it offers trusted solutions and guarantees consistent performance in battle.

The Specna Arms Flex™ airsoft submachine gun is an electric airsoft gun, primarily constructed from durable polymer. This makes it lightweight, competitively priced, yet upholds the superior quality that Specna Arms is renowned for. Its compact size is perfect for woodland skirmishes, speedsoft arenas, and CQB engagements, showcasing its versatile application. Fitted with a standard V2 gearbox, modifications are a breeze. Added functionality and comfort come from its M-LOK system front, an operational Bolt-Catch, and a Light Ops Stock. Pinpoint accuracy over long distances is achieved with an 8-inch, precise 6.03mm barrel, complemented by a rotary Hop-Up chamber. And, as with other airsoft guns from this esteemed manufacturer, it features the quick spring exchange system - this time, the ESA™, allowing a spring switch in just 45 seconds!