A new dimension of airsoft with the HAL² ™ electronic control unit by Specna Arms®

The HAL² ™ is a high-tech electronic unit that represents
the new brain of your replica. Based on the Hall effect,
the trigger* provides unprecedented sensitivity, even over 500 points, as well as responsive operation, while being insensitive to dirt or external light. The single-board design ensures quick and trouble-free installation, while the built-in Bluetooth® Low Energy module provides an easy and stable connection to your phone for configuration while ensuring long operation on the replica's battery.
A number of sensors monitor the replica's flawless operation and will prevent damage to the replica when it detects a problem.

Designed and manufactured in Europe.
Patent pending

*The system requires an additional control element (included) to operate, compatible with most triggers intended for AEG replicas.

Trigger motion detection based on the Hall effect.

Three-axis Hall effect sensor provides unprecedented sensitivity and insensitivity to dirt and overexposure.

Up to 500 trigger sensitivity points.

With the Hall effect sensor, it is possible to set the trigger sensitivity over an incredibly wide range.


For faster trigger response.

Active Brake

For better operation of the mechanical system.

Trigger Equalizer

To adjust the trigger action to your requirements.

Design based on a single board.

Provides simple and secure installation. Thanks to the simple design, it was possible to achieve wide compatibility with many gearbox shells.

Built-in Bluetooth® Low Energy.

Providing a stable connection to a smartphone without excessive drain on the replica's battery and without additional components.

A number of sensors keep an eye on the operation of the replica.

So that the system is able to prevent further damage in case of failure.

Unrivaled trigger sensitivity and a wide range of configurations.

The HAL²™ Widget is a control element designed to work with the HAL²™ system and standard AEG triggers in the V.2 gearbox. It ensures excellent repeatability of work over the full sensitivity range, regardless of the chosen trigger. It allows you to work within the full range of trigger movement and obtain the so-called hair trigger.

Configuring your replica has never been easier!

With the new Specna LinkTM app you will discover all the possibilities of the HAL2 TM electronic unit. Select SINGLE, BURST, or AUTO firing modes and assign them to the selector position of your choice. Select the burst length, set the rate of fire, and adjust the parameters to suit your requirements. Save settings for different games and use them alternately. Quickly configure all your replicas with the HAL2 TM thanks to the function of storing them on your profile. Thanks to the advanced telemetry, you can keep track of the status of your replica and its performance during servicing. These and many other features as well as future functionalities are available for free, to all registered users of the app, without additional paid solutions.

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