We can help you expand your airsoft business.
SPECNA ARMS is more than just a product.

We communicate in 7 languages We care about your profit We adapt to the local market We produce to your order We use our many years of experience

We provide services in Chinese

We believe in effective communication and that is why we cooperate with our partners in 7 languages, including Chinese.

A favorable profit margin that takes into account the customer's earnings

High margins and accurately managed partner sales channels make the SPECNA ARMS brand products not only satisfying for the customers but most of all profit for partners.

Adapting to the needs of the local market

At every stage of the order processing, we take care of professional and market-compliant preparation of products, so that our partners have no problems with legally introducing them to sale.

We assist in the product selection process, taking into account local statistics and the local specificity of the market.

Our strength is data. For 16 years, we have been accumulating information about markets and user preferences, so we will be happy to help you choose the most promising products to reduce any risk.

We produce to your order

The success of the SPECNA ARMS brand was based on a flexible approach to products and market requirements. For our Partners we offer over 500 products so that they can strengthen their position on the market more effectively.

A globally recognized brand with its own active marketing background

Thanks to our extensive facilities, we can conduct marketing campaigns that build awareness and the demand for brand products among end customers. To this end, we use influencers and proven forms of cooperation with the community.

They trusted us

A financially stable partner with years of experience in the market

Completely independent of external financing, for 16 years we have been a stable partner for companies from all over the world.

Guarantee of contact in 24 hours, despite different time zones

We have gained the trust of our partners thanks to our constant availability of contact, regardless of the time zone.

Product quality = low returns

Technologically advanced production processes enable us to deliver the highest quality products with one of the lowest return rates.



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