Welcome to the Specna Arms site for B2B Customers. We are a manufacturer of airsoft replicas and parts with several years of experience. To keep up with the changing market, our brand regularly develops a product range, uses proven designs, and boldly introduces innovative solutions! Our offer consists of over 150 different models divided into two lines: EDGE and CORE. Thanks to such a variety of products, both the beginners and advanced players will find a replica for themselves. While creating our replicas we rely on experience, fine materials, and technological innovations. New improvements facilitate the use of replicas, provide players with new functions, and increase the level of gameplay. Our flagship solutions are a quick spring change system ( the latest version - ESA2), reinforced ORION gearbox, and Solar ™ Trigger (manufactured under Gate Quantum Trigger ™ license). Simultaneously to introducing new technologies we are expanding the lineup. The latest additions to our family are machine guns like the SA-249PARA model and EDGE 2.0 replicas.


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(South Africa)









The constant development allows Specna Arms to expand its reach to foreign markets. Currently, we cooperate with distributors from all over the world. To increase awareness and gain recognition Specna Arms brand participates in some of the largest trade fairs in the world. We regularly visit IWA OutdoorClassics, SHOT Show, or MOA Exhibition. Trade fairs like these bring a great occasion to present new models, talk to customers and other producers. Airsoft, military, and outdoor trade shows gather hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors.

Shot Show

(Las Vegas, United States)

It is one of the largest events organized in the United States. Specna Arms has been participating in it for several years in a row. It provides an amazing opportunity to introduce our products to our American customers. In 2020 we presented there the EDGE 2.0 model and informed our fans about cooperation with new firearms manufacturers. We also visited the booth of one of our biggest distributors – EVIKE.


(Nürnberg, Germany)

European countries make one of our biggest selling markets. Therefore, our team every year visits Nürnberg in Germany to participate in the IWA OutdoorClassics. It is the world-leading trade fair for hunting, shooting sports, outdoor and airsoft. In 2019 we presented there all features of the EDGE line models.


(Taipei, Taiwan)

MOA Military/Outdoor/Airsoft-Airgun Exhibition is gathering exhibitors mainly from the Asian countries. If you are looking for airsoft fairs, MOA is the largest event of this type in the world. In 2019 we presented their replicas manufactured under the Rock River Arms license and the new line of sniper rifles. One of our booth members was our Brand Ambassador from Taiwan - Military.Anny.


This is one of the biggest, world-class airsoft MILSIM events. Border War takes place at former military areas in the Czech Republic and usually gathers around 500 players. We send there our team with a booth to present to participants our latest products.


One of the most important events in the Action Air/Airsoft Practical shooting world. The last edition gathers almost 100 action air shooters representing countries from all over the world.


GFPOINT is an event with a unique character that combines elements of orienteering, airsoft, and survival, and all this in the extreme winter conditions of the Polish mountains.


It is a plebiscite organized by the Popular Airsoft website. As part of voting, participants can choose the most popular airsoft replicas, players, and manufacturers.


The relevant goal for our brand is to support the community of airsoft players all over the world. To gain more recognition we've created the Brand Ambassadors program. Presently, 23 airsoft players from several continents participate in it. Their activity increases the sales range and builds a community of fans.

We also actively support various international and local projects. We were sponsors of such airsoft events as the Border War, one of them is the largest milsims in the world or Airsoft Surgeon Championship 2020, IPSC tournament. In the case of local skirmishes, we try to help via our distributors providing organizers with BB’s or replicas. And last but not least, we are involved in some online endeavors like the Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards run by Popular Airsoft.


It’s not hard to make replicas which have high quality and at the same time high price. Our aim is to prove that you can have really good and exceptional replica without having to spend a small fortune to get it.


We want our replicas not only to be incredibly good-looking, but at the same time sturdy and reliable. Both internal and external parts of Specna Arms® guarantee highest quality and performance.


All of our replicas models can be equipped with one of the following quick spring change systems: SAEC™, Enter&Convert™, and Easy Spring Access (ESA).


Right now there are over 150 models of Specna Arms® replicas. You will find there all kind of versions, starting from basic and classic-looking ones, up to the most recent and modern designs.


EDGE AR-15 Series is a completely new line of AEG carbines in the Specna Arms family, designed to meet expectations of experienced airsoft players.

Manufactured under license of Rock River Arms®, well-recognized American real steel guns maker and equipped with GATE technology.

EDGE series takes Specna Arms brand to a higher level of realism and performance.


The new J-Series™ consists of the long-awaited Specna Arms® replicas based on the legendary assault rifles.

The J-Series ™ replicas feature a very solid construction with a full steel receiver and outer barrel. The offer includes both classic models with wooden parts and tactical models with RIS/Picatinny and M-LOK rails.J-Series™ replicas have the reinforced ORION™ V3 Gearbox with the Enter & Convert™ quick spring change system.


This is the only line of replicas in the EDGE family with a polymer body, which brings these replicas closer to their real counterparts. In addition, G-series replicas are equipped with EBB system that takes them to a higher level of realism. However, if necessary, the system can be easily deactivated. Inside the G-series, you can find a reinforced gearbox (micro switch) that can extend the life of the electrical system.The G-series includes various replicas, from shortened models, ideal for CQB games, to long versions with integrated optics for long distance shooting. In result, everyone will find something for themselves.


Specna Arms meets the expectations of clients by presenting the CORE™ line of products - an exceptional series of replicas that introduces a new quality to the market.

An attractive price in combination with an innovative spring change system as well as high-quality materials make this replica suitable for beginners and seasoned airsoft players alike.


Specna Arms S-Series is the line that extends the Specna Arms offer with the spring-powered replicas of sniper rifles. They stand out by their durability and attractive prices.

The great news for Airsoft snipers is that some models are sold with the set of the most useful accessories like a scope or a bipod.



If you are looking for support replicas, you are in the right place. Specna Arms introduced machine guns in the CORE™ line. They are made mainly of polymer to reduce their weight and make the gun handier. Polymer parts include the receiver or dust cover with a RIS rail. External barrel and magazine well are made of metal. For bipod, stock support, and transport handle, we use steel.

Replicas also feature a quick barrel disassembly system, adjustable tactical stock, quick spring change system ESA™, and a full-size, metal, and heavy-duty M249 gearbox. The set includes a polymer box magazine with a capacity of 2500 BBs. They are fed automatically from the magazine, thanks to an electric winding mechanism.

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