Brushless Motors

Unveil the might of Specna Arms® Dark Matter™ motors. Peerless prowess and reliability in every clash.  With high torque, they provide excellent power and shot accuracy, while their silent operation allows you to operate almost undetected. Grasp the essence of Dark Matter™ and transcend your airsoft journey into realms anew.

Dark Matter™. Transcend!

High Torque

Extremely high torque right from the start. Allows operation with strong main springs.


Incredible efficiency ratio compared to classic brushed motors. It allows for higher speeds and higher torque with lower energy consumption.


Smooth operation at the highest level allowed for a significant reduction in the noise produced by the motor.

Aluminum housing

The casing, made of machined aluminum, allows for quick and even heat distribution, increasing the engine's resistance to damage and extending its life span.

Transcend technology.

Brushless motors are a generational leap in terms of reliability, smooth operation, and efficiency compared to classic electric motors.

They stop making compromises. At the same voltage and speed, they provide unattainable power and torque compared to regular motors. This allows them to run with strong mainsprings without sacrificing fire rate and immediate response.

A wide range to meet your needs.

Each custom replica requires an individual approach. Therefore, to meet the needs of airsoft players, we present a wide range of motors, adapted to every need. Long and short motors are available in three versions with different speeds and torques. Providing speed and power adapted from DMR to speedsoft replicas.

34k RPM

  • Speed - 34 000 RPM
  • Torque - 2324
  • Output - 372W
  • Current - 79A
  • Max Efficiency - 74.6%

39k RPM

  • Speed - 38 000 RPM
  • Torque - 2092
  • Output - 429W
  • Current - 89A
  • Max Efficiency - 73,8%

48k RPM

  • Speed - 48 000 RPM
  • Torque - 2250
  • Output - 495W
  • Current - 105A
  • Max Efficiency - 73,2%

For those who value realism, we have prepared a line of slim motors. They fit perfectly into milsim pistol grips while still providing excellent performance.

Motors available in versions: 30k, 36k, 43k, 55k.

We were the first manufacturer in the world to present a line of replicas with BLDC motors installed straight from the box. The PRIME™ line provides an unprecedented level of technology, providing the best solutions merged in one stock replica.

More details coming soon.

  • Speed - 27 000 RPM
  • Torque - 2150
  • Output - 301W
  • Current - 60A
  • Max Efficiency - 73,7%