Rock River Arms® is an American manufacturer of firearms, parts and accessories for AR-15 type rifles and other firearms.

It was founded in 1996 by the Larson brothers who had been working at Springfield Armory for ten years before they established a partnership with Les Baer. Today, operating in facilities in Colona, Illinois, the company produces a full line of “AR” style rifles, all built with the same focus on providing high-quality products.

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6.03 MM Inner Barrel

Rotary Hop-Up Chamber

Individual serial number Licensed Rock River Arms markings

Just like the other series, Specna Arms® EDGE line is equipped with a quick spring change system. There is no need to take the gearbox out of the replica in order to exchange the spring or adjust the muzzle velocity to the required value. All you have to do is to disassemble the buffer tube by unscrewing just one screw, spin off the pin with the spring guide and exchange the spring.

The whole operation takes about one minute and requires only a screwdriver.

– Protection Against Reverse Polarity.

– SMART FUSE – protects MOSFET in case of motor jam.

– BUILT-IN SELF-TEST – 2 LED allows for quick troubleshooting.

– Special conformal coating – Military Specification MIL-V-173C.

-125 BB’s mid-cap magazine.
-Specna Arms texture for better grip.
-Durable polymer ready for tough combat conditions.
-Extended capacity 380 BBs Hi-cap magazine.
-Compatible with wide range AR-15 replicas on the market.

Orion gearbox is a result of several years of Specna Arms experience in the field of internal parts. This product stands for reliability, durability and battle-tested solutions from the top shelf. Steel gears and tooth rack along with reinforced gearbox shell provide the higher level of durability for stock spring as well as further, power tuning.

Aluminum and sealed nozzle, cylinder head and piston head assure the stable level of muzzle velocity. Low-resistance wires and pre-installed MOSFET GATE X-ASR help to optimize the battery’s efficiency. Orion Gearbox is a guarantee of long, trouble-free performance and core for the upgrade of your replica.

1 . Reinforced gearbox shell.
2 . Main spring release option.
3 . Piston with the steel tooth rack.
4 . Aluminum nozzle with an O-ring.
5 . Aluminum piston head with a ball bearing.
6 . Aluminum cylinder head.
7 . 8mm ball bearings.
8 . ESA™ System inside.
9 . Steel gears with delay clip.